Delivering excellent care with advanced dental technology


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We strive to provide the safest, most effective cosmetic and restorative dental treatment possible for each of our patients at Forest Family Dentistry. We believe that an important part of achieving this is to use the latest in dental technology, including lasers for gum reshaping, root canal therapy, and periodontics; CEREC® computer-aided milling technology for fast custom crowns and veneers; intraoral cameras for detailed visual access to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, helping patients better understand their treatment options; and digital radiography for faster, safer x-rays. Dr. Jonathan Yu and his staff are proficient in using these fascinating innovations to provide their patients with fast, exceptional results in the utmost safety. If you are interested in learning more about how technology such as CEREC® and digital x-rays at our San Jose, California office can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile, please contact us today.

Our Equipment

We are excited to share information about the advanced tools at our disposal here at Forest Family Dentistry:


Dr. Yu uses lasers in performing root canal therapy, which results in more thorough cleaning of the tooth’s inner structures, as well as in gum reshaping, or the removal of excess gum tissue.


Employing the same computer-aided drafting and manufacturing principals used in industrial applications, CEREC® technology uses digital scans of your teeth to create custom dental crowns and veneers in as little as an hour. That means we can prepare your teeth and place your custom restoration within a single visit, so you can begin enjoying your new smile faster than ever before.

Intraoral Camera

We use an intraoral camera that simultaneously provides Dr. Yu and his patients a detailed view of the condition of the mouth. This technology helps patients to better understand their dental health needs, as well as their treatment options.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography (digital x-rays) provides a wealth of advantages for patients at our San Jose office. It provides instant digital images, requiring no film development. This, in turn, results in faster diagnoses and planning for treatments such as dental implants, and shorter appointments. Digital radiography also reduces the amount of radiation by 80 percent.

Learn More about Our Technology

If you are interested in learning more about how CEREC®, the intraoral camera, and digital x-rays at our San Jose office can help you receive safer, more effective dental treatment, please contact us today.